• Harlem This Week
    Every week Harlem's Alive highlights a special theme for the events in Harlem . This is updated every Monday and available through that week. Follow #harlemsalive or #harlem-this-week to be up-to-date
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    Sat, 22 Aug to Wed, 30 Sep
  • In and Around Harlem!
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    Mon, 14 Dec to Sun, 31 Jan
  • Harlem Spotlight
    Shop Harlem/Live Harlem.
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    Mon, 05 Oct to Sun, 11 Oct
  • Weekend Brunch
    A wonderful range of weekend brunch menus from the best locations in Harlem. Specially selected to express the vitality of Harlem every weekend. And once you get started, you'll love it so much that you'll want more!
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    Sat, 20 Jun to Sun, 21 Jun
  • Happy Hours
    Bring your friends and peers up to Harlem for some of the best Happy Hours in town. From beer taverns to restaurants specializing in rum there is something for everyone!
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    Mon, 15 Jun to Sun, 21 Jun
  • Harlem Sidewalk and Garden Cafes
    It's wonderful to spend time during this sultry summer at Harlem Sidewalk and Garden Cafes. Check out some of the lovely places you can visit for breakfast, brunch, happy hours, or dinner.
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    Mon, 25 May to Sun, 31 May
  • Harlem Eatup
    This four-day festival invites you to see and taste all Harlem has to offer from the artists of the kitchen, the canvas, the stage and the streets. This week features the special Dine-In events
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    Thu, 14 May to Sun, 17 May
  • Harlem Days Harlem Nights (May-07)
    HP2P in partnership with Harlem's premiere cultural venues is pleased to bring you a preview of Harlem Days Harlem Nights! Enjoy a wonderful evening of culture at select venues on Thu, May 7 with pre or post dinner/cocktail specials
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    Thu, 07 May
  • College Takeover
    Come out with your college buddies past and present! Catch up on what you all have been doing and even better, where you all are going. HP2P restaurant members have the perfect venues to host these meetups.
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    Mon, 20 Apr to Sun, 26 Apr
  • Date Nights
    A perfect time to spend with that special person! Or to hang-out with a group of close friends!
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    Mon, 13 Apr to Sun, 19 Apr